Founded in 1960, Schloffer GmbH is a dynamic, innovation-oriented furniture production company. Schloffer specializes in shop fitting and store design, especially in the restaurant market. Manufacturing at its CO2 conscious facility in Austria, the team is aided by state-of-the-art machinery and supported by trusted, quality-controlled suppliers offering a variety of interior furniture, millwork, and displays.

The business remained family-owned until 2019 when it became part of Elkay Interior Systems (EIS), a division of Elkay Manufacturing. EIS is an interior design and manufacturing company, specializing in large-scale program rollouts, offering an array of design, build, and installation services. The joining of EIS and Schloffer GmbH strengthened EIS's global footprint and presence in Europe and the Middle East.

Today, Schloffer GmbH remains a global leader in seating and décor, supplying products to more than 60 countries worldwide, with three offices in Austria - Großpetersdorf, Oberwart, and Vienna.

Experience and innovation go hand in hand.





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